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Musings of a Streaming Junkie - "This indie film opens up with a montage of ignored performances."

This indie film opens up with a montage of ignored performances of two teenage performers (Meryl and Lorian) at some less than ideal gigs, setting up the premise of two artists whose craft isn’t taken serious. So the two young ladies come up with a brilliant idea and embark on an epic road trip to try and get on stage at Woodstock.  With all your classic road trip and teenage best friend tropes (eg. hitchhikers, jealousy, boy problems, runaways, drugs and alcohol, cops and jailhouse bonding)…maybe one too many. But the film definitely has a “Thelma and Louise” feel to it, with Meryl being the more straight-laced talent of the group and Lorian as the more wild child in search of adventure and excitement.

The film also tries to get in some seriousness by touching on a lot of the major societal issues of the time, which sometimes kind of seems like it out of left field and just trying too hard. The Vietnam War looms heavy throughout the movie with it being a central focal point with a few of the hitchhikers they come across. There are also some scenes that came across as “forced social consciousness” on the MLK/Kennedy assassinations and legacy, the Draft and various other political outcries. The film also touches on sexual assault, dealing with pain and loss and teenage/underage drug use. While some of the scenes seem a little over the top and unnecessary, there are a few heartfelt moments that make this film worthwhile.

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