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Dante Reviews - "I like the chemistry between the two leads."

Woodstock or Bust is an indie film about two singer/songwriter best friends in 1969 and their journey to Woodstock. Along the way they run into some unsavory people as well as make some new friends.

First, the issues I had with the film. I think the movie has some pacing issues. There are things that happen on the trip to Meryl and Lorian, the two main characters, that are given some weight in the way that they are shot and edited and I think that they end too abruptly or don’t have enough lasting consequence to be included. This is my main issue with the film, anything else I would consider nitpicking. Such as the delivery of certain lines, etc.

Now the things I liked about the film. I like the chemistry between the two leads. They play convincing best friends who have a dream to make it in the music industry. Also, there are scenes where we are meant to feel uncomfortable and vulnerable and I think that the filmmakers did an excellent job of making it so that we felt these emotions when the characters did.I also loved the cinematography. There’s a scene where the girls get high and it is shot very well.

The wide establishing shots are very well done. My favorite part is probably the last half hour of the film. I enjoyed seeing the end of their journey and what they had come to learn about themselves through the trip.

Woodstock or Bust is a film about life and the relationships you have with people more than going to a concert. It has some pacing issues but I enjoyed it.

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