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Flip Screen - "Sixties Power That Holds Itself Back” – ‘Woodstock or Bust’ (2019)."

It’s 1969. Flower power is all the rage and ideas of changing the world are all anyone can think about. That, and getting high. It’s here we meet Lorian (Willow Shields) and Meryl (Meg DeLacy), an ambitious duo who crave more than just the world on their doorstep.

Woodstock or Bust is a story of a lifetime for our two leads, Lorain (Lor) and Meryl (Mel), who – in true sixties fashion – say goodbye to their small-town Oregon lifestyle and chase after their dreams. As a duo they ache to do more than be ignored at family gatherings or sing for a spattering of people at birthday parties, but dreaming of to performing amongst legends on the world’s biggest stage: Woodstock. Going with nothing but the clothes on their back (and a drug or two), Mel and Lor start the journey from Oregon to New York to fulfil their young, and arguably naïve, dreams.

Woodstock or Bust is a film that truly cherishes the sixties ideals of peace and love, particularly through the character of Lor. A free-spirit in her own right, Lor is the driving force for the pair’s adventures. Though, if you think her free-spirited nature is a weakness, then you’d have another thing coming; Lor is far stronger than she looks and does not hesitate to show it. Mel, on the other hand, uses the world as her muse. She’s more isolated and introverted, yet her talented is undeniable. As the songwriter of the duo, her creativity drives her passion for living and is eventually what leads her to joining her best friend on a wild cross-country trip.

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