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Leslie Bloom stopped by Subculture to chat with with host Veronica Bisesti

Filmmaker, Portlander, and founder of Big Kid Films, Leslie Bloom stopped by Subculture to chat with host Veronica Bisesti about her incredible independent film “Woodstock or Bust”. We talked music, heard how soon-to-be megastars Meg Delacy and Willow Shields joined the cast, and learned how the dreams of two teenage girls became the basis for this stylized and authentic recreation of a musical era celebrated to this day.

Click the link below to hear the entire drop-in session including three tunes from the soundtrack (featuring The Cool Whips, The Reverberations and Meg Delacy to name a few). Although the giveaway has ended, you can catch “Woodstock or Bust” on a variety of platforms starting August 14th (just click here for the deets).

Tune in, turn on and enjoy the ride!

Listen to the podcast


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