Buttery Controller - "If given the chance to chase your dream, would you do it?"

If given the chance to chase your dream, would you do it? Most people won’t. For one reason or another, whether money, work, school, or responsibilities, the majority of people living today will not pursue what could make them very happy. I think the operative word here is “could”. No one is willing to take the risk. For Lorian and Meryl, the opportunity to play at the Woodstock Festival is everything. 

It’s the Summer of ‘69, and two seventeen-year-old musicians Lorian (Willow Shields) and Meryl (Meg DeLacy), are looking to advance their musical careers. Tired of playing in churches and retirement homes, the duo starts planning a trip from their comfy hometown in Oregon, to Bethel, New York for the slight possibility to play in the Woodstock Music Festival. From a young man begging them to shoot off his toe to avoid being drafted, to a perverted old mechanic, the girls will encounter a variety of personalities and obstacles stalling them from reaching their destination.

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