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Joel Fisher "A charming film with a great soundtrack and some wonderful performances."

Woodstock or Bust is the feature debut from director Leslie Bloom and co-writer Judi Blaze. The story revolves around Lorian (Willow Shields) and Meryl (Meg DeLacy) as they prepare themselves for a once in a lifetime trip to Woodstock to kickstart their careers as singer/songwriters.

The film takes them on a road trip where they encounter lots of new people, experiences good and bad and find out more about themselves and each other as underlying tensions start to rise in their friendship that they always believed was really close.

However, the film is not just a light hearted road trip filled with moments of female empowerment. The filmmakers take the time to talk about the issues that were surrounding America at the time, particularly in reference to the Vietnam war, setting the film apart from other films set in this period that may want to just focus on the peace, love and good times.

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