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Your Daughter, Your Mom, and Your Girlfriend Needs to See

I recently had the opportunity to view this film at its cast and crew screening in Portland, Oregon. Let me start by saying, bravo! It’s rare that a film set in the ‘60s can uphold modernity. Woodstock or Bust somehow sparks the nostalgia of the Hippie era while still creating such a bright and youthful feel.

A story of two non-conforming girls with the musical talent to make it big, but stifled with the hindrance of being teenagers, hit the road with a dream to play at the Woodstock Music Festival. Along the way they encounter more than a few hurdles that test their strength as young women. As the plot builds, so many lessons of friendship, freedom, and growth are explored between the duo.

Lorian (Willow Shields) and Meryl (Meg DeLacy) are beyond relatable and shined in their contrasting outlooks on the world. Nick (Teddy Van Ee) was a breath of fresh air and provided an energetic addition to the girls’ adventure. Woodstock or Bust is a must-see film that both Baby Boomers and kids today will identify with. Modest and wholesome meets the raw, real complexes of adolescence in this film that’s sure to be an instant hit!

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